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Welcome to the gear and gadgets page. Having the right equipment makes all the difference when out on an adventure. With thousands of products to choose from it can get a little confusing. Honestly most adventures can be achieved with some basic household items that I bet you already have.  Don’t let the excuse of not having the proper gear hold you back from getting out and getting started. Giving it a try with whatcha already got is part of the adventure in the beginning anyway. It will become easy to see the things you need or want to replace as you go. This will also make you appreciate these improvements a lot more after you have done it the hard way a few times. (Doing things the hard way ends up making some of the best stories that you will tell in the future)

When starting something new I never ever go overboard….HAHAHAHA!  I do every time!!! I bet some of you do too. Personally I have a tendency of getting the best quality gear the first time I get interested in something. This is good for many reasons but also has its drawbacks. So first a few of the drawbacks.

  • High quality gear is expensive.

  • Some gear only gets used a few times then sits collecting dust as I move on to new interests.

  • Can be harder to find. Compared to name brands that are sold at most stores. Therefore costing even more time and money.

But………. I do feel the positives outweigh these couple drawbacks. I’ve never been disappointed having higher quality gear when I am out on an adventure. Being able to count on your equipment makes it so you can focus on enjoying the experience. Nothing puts you in a bad mood faster than gear failing right when you need it the most. Another advantage to higher quality products is that they are often designed to be more efficient, this makes a lot of things faster and easier. Some examples would be the pocket rocket stove and my Treks x-cal 9 mountain bike. Both these pieces of gear I’ve been extremely impressed with. The pocket rocket makes boiling water a snap and is so convenient. Other stoves I’ve tried in the past take three times as long and didn’t perform with consistent results. The other example is when I decided to get back into Biking.  After doing tons of research the time came to finally pick the model I wanted. In the end my final decision was to upgrade one more model at the last second. I am glad that I did and have never regretted doing so. My mountain biking adventures have been a lot of fun and I always comment on how impressed I am with my biking gear after almost every trip. Another reason I pursue high-quality gear is for the fact it lasts and holds up a lot longer.  So if you want gear that will go that extra mile for you. Whenever possible take your time and a few extra bucks and get the good stuff.

The products you will be seeing me post are ones that I use personally, enjoy, and recommend. My reviews and recommendations on them may be a little different from what your  normally use to seeing when surfing the web. My perspective on using these gadgets comes more from everyday use and common tasks than from extremes. There are plenty of reviews on most products that go over the exact specifications and in depth testing. I do recommend checking out lots of reviews so you can better understanding what you’re about to get yourself into.  My reviews on the other hand focus more on common and practical uses that most people will be encountering. It would be awesome to tell you how my gear withstood -100° below temperatures or that I recommend it for fighting Siberian tigers. But for most of us those aren’t common every day adventures. I have a feeling if you found my page you’re more like me. Where battling some rainy weather at the kid’s soccer game or an expedition exploring your local zoo is a more common occurrence.

I’ve always enjoyed new gear and gadgets and have always gone overboard when researching and buying them. I look forward to being able to share some of what I have found along the way with tips and tricks on how I like to use them. The goal is to give you some ideas so that you can get started in the right direction searching for your next adventure equipment needs.

If you have any products you really enjoy and you think they may  help me or others don’t hesitate to share. Working together saves time so we can be out finding exciting things to do instead of going into an analytical coma in front of the PC.

On one lasts note currently I’m working on developing some Adventure products and adventure guides. So check them out as they become available.

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The New That Was Exciting Online Store

 “One More Way To Help With Your Adventure” If you haven’t visited the site recently?  I have been making a lot of improvements, so let me tell you about one of the biggest additions. The Store!  Whenever I’m watching a video or reading a review, I’m all ways interested in knowing how, when and what […]

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Micro-Rocket Stove

MICRO-ROCKET The Micro-Rocket stove is not just super small and light. It also delivers the best size, performance and price of any stove in its class. It fits inside any pack and weighs a mere 2.6 oz. Engineered to maintain top-notch efficiency and power. You won’t be stuck carrying extra fuel, one canister in most cases is enough […]

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GRAVITY WORKS – CARBON ELEMENT Water Filter   So a little bit on how a carbon water filter works.  Carbon provides a large surface area. This allows contaminants to be exposed and adsorbed within the filter media. Carbon is more effective the longer contaminants are exposed to the filter media. You can achieve this by allowing the water to flow […]

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Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Sawyer MINI Water Filter The Sawyer MINI Water Filter is rated to 0.1 micron absolute, weighs only 2 ounces, and filters up to 100,000 gallons. This system is reliable and easy to use.

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