Morning Glory Inn

Morning Glory Inn

2119 Sarah St.

Pittsburgh P.A. 15203

“First Time Using Airbnb”




What a cool place!

As you make your way through the wrought iron gate, you’ll discover a hidden Courtyard. The magical feeling of being transported out of the hustle and bustle of the city starts to sets in, as you stroll through the brick pathways. Let me tell you about the amazing experience I had here with Lakeisha, a member of my “Adventure Crew” . . .

We got lucky this weekend and stayed in the private Villa Suite, situated at the rear of the property. Upon opening the door, We were met with a spectacularly designed and thoughtfully renovated space. With features like custom brick heated-floors and a Jacuzzi tub with rain shower; we both agreed, this place is awesome! It is also specially designed to transform from a master suite into a meeting room or area to host large parties.

The next morning, the owner David, took us on a lower-level tour of the main bed and breakfast building. David is an excellent host and was very excited to tell us about the property’s history. I enjoyed spending almost an hour with him talking and asking questions. I was very interested to learn about how he developed the business over the years. He explained how they worked hard to find a niche, and now the Morning Glory Inn has become a dream wedding destination. David and his wife have really created a special space on Pittsburgh’s South Side.

The convenience of this location is also amazing. You are just 2 blocks away from Carson Street, where all the action is at! Carson street is home to numerous attractions, all within a 15-minute walk; restaurants, bars, clubs, grocery stores, bakeries, coffee shops, even a Cheesecake Factory, and REI Sporting Goods store.

Want to be downtown near the stadiums and museums? No problem! We were able to jump on the bus and be downtown within minutes for only $2.50 in bus fare. Pittsburgh is also known for a great Uber network. Determining how you want to get around is just another part of the adventure.

When our Saturday activities started to wind-down, Carson Street’s excitement was just starting to windup. We headed back to the Morning Glory Inn, where we got ready for an evening out to experience the local night life.  Having our evening activities within walking distance of where we were staying was so convenient.

Without a doubt I would stay here again and again. I recommend you book a few nights ASAP. The stay I just did was actually my first time using Airbnb. Everything ran super smooth and it was a wonderful first time experience. Finding places to stay like this is what makes traveling so exciting!!


$eans Tip – Try staying somewhere different. Support other locations besides the regular hotel or motel chains. Definitely give Airbnb a shot or search for a locally owned bed and breakfast the next time you travel.

Here is my special link to help you get $40 off your next Airbnb stay Save $40


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Morning Glory Inn Website – Website

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The Vault Lounge Cleveland Ohio – A TripAdvisor Review

The Vault Lounge

The 9 – Level B1, 2017 E. 9th Street
Cleveland, OH 44115

“Luxury On Lock Down”



Vault one of the coolest bar/lounge I’ve seen. We are meet by the host and asked if we would like a tour. A tour of a bar??? Stay with me here, this isn’t your average watering hole.

The Cleveland Trust Company Building now “The 9” was built in 1907. In the basement the bank had four vaults: The main vault, safe deposit box vault, and storage vaults for fur clothing and household silver. The main vault is 16-by-20. Its walls are structural steel plate encased in 20 inches of concrete.  There is a great short video on YouTube that goes over more of this interesting history. Checkout the link I have posted.

Each vault has now been refurbished into luxurious lounge spaces. The decor transforms you back in time. From the furniture selection to the lighting and fan fixtures the attention to detail is outstanding! The bar area is outfitted with everything that is needed to mix up the finest cocktails in the city. As you can see from one of my photos the glowing herb garden supplying fresh garnishes. This is just one of the many detailed steps taken when your drink is being created . The drinks turned out delicious and unique on many levels.

Interesting history, luxury atmosphere, and exotic drinks defiantly worth checking out.


$ean’s Tip – Pay close attention while the mixologists are creating your cocktails. Every part of your creation is thoughtfully planed out.

Caution the drink prices may shock you. Just remember you’re paying for the whole experience not just a drink. Relax and enjoy yourself.



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The Vault Website – Website

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Lucky’s Cafe Cleveland Ohio – A TripAdvisor Review

Lucky’s Cafe

777 Starkweather Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44113

“EGGcellent Breakfast Place “



 Had a great breakfast experience. It is a beautiful late summer morning that has started off a little bit brisk but comfortable when sitting out in the sun. The smell of fresh roasted coffee is in the air while we wait to grab a table out by the garden. Our waitress is so excited to explain how fresh and local their ingredients are. Some recently picked from the raise garden beds that we were seated next to even. From seeing several other reviews recommending the biscuits and gravy,  I decided that would be my choice this morning. Adventure Teammate Adam grabbed a fresh cup of coffee,  The Shipwreck  and a side of pecan bacon for us to share. There was freshly made hot sauce and jam placed upon the table as we waited for our plates to arrive. Both meals came out looking great and tasting even better. The gravy and biscuits where some of the best I have ever had. The gravy reminded me more of a cream sauce, you’d have to try it to understand what I mean. The pecan bacon had a perfect melody of flavors and wasn’t overly sweet. Adam’s Shipwreck platter was a mix of hash browns, eggs, seasonal veggies, bacon, and cheddar cheese. If you’re looking for more of a gourmet breakfast with a great local atmosphere this is the place. 

 $ean’s Tip – Make sure to check out the pastry case inside just looking at it might be satisfying enough. Also check out their menu and what times they serve the dishes you are interested in. It appears that there is a early morning menu that is limited before 9am.

 Their Mission : “To provide the people of our community with food, pastry, and breads which are made by hand with care and attention to quality, using only the freshest ingredients. We support and promote our Ohio farmers and producers by showcasing the bounty of their harvest in our products. We offer our customers an alternative to the mass produced by committing our passion for the craft to creating good, wholesome food. We will remain creative with and inspired by the cultural diversity and layers of tradition our community offers us.”


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Lucky’s Cafe Website – Website

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Federal Hill Smokehouse – A TripAdvisor Review

Federal Hill Smokehouse

2609 Peach Street (US-19), Erie, PA 16508

“Smoke ’em if you got ’em”


I kept hearing good things about the new BBQ place in town and how it keeps selling out.

                     So you know what that means – “Food Adventure Time”

You can tell your going to get some good authentic BBQ right when you walk through the door. From the wooden tables with bottles of homemade sauce to the old brick wall that is part of the decor this place welcomes all of your senses – sight, smell and in a minute taste will be having its turn. So I ordered up the brisket sandwich.

While I was waiting I asked if the rumors are true?

Me – “Y’all selling out of BBQ every day”?   

The response……… was a list of everything that had already sold out so far today.

Rumor confirmed:)

The brisket was chopped and piled high onto my sandwich right there in front of me. I also grabbed a fresh side of potato salad which turned out to be excellent. The sandwich ended up being large enough to feed 2. The brisket was tender and some of the best I have ever had. If you’re in the mood for some BBQ Federal Hill Smokehouse won’t disappoint.

$ean’s Tip – Try to eat there if you have the time. The home made sauces are great and trust me, you will need more than just the to-go cup worth. Also the sandwich really needs to be attacked at a table. This Big Brisket Bad Boy will defeat you if you attempt it on the run. (it’s not your average one handed fast food sandwich)


Extra Information

It’s really great to see small family owned business doing well right here in Erie. I’ve added a clip from the Erie Times to explain some more about the Federal Hill Smokehouse’s location and owner. 


Madeleine O’Neill from the Erie times writes –

After more than 10 years in the tattoo business, the owner of a local tattoo parlor is branching out: he’s opening a barbecue restaurant.

Ryan Atzert, a co-owner of Ink Assassins Tattoos & Piercings, plans to open a Texas barbecue restaurant called Federal Hill Smokehouse just two doors down, at 2609 Peach St.

Atzert and his wife, Autumn Atzert, both 35, registered the name Federal Hill Smokehouse on June 8, according to a legal advertisement published July 17.

The restaurant could open as soon as October, Atzert said. He has not yet filed any building permits for the property, but said it won’t take many changes to transform the building, which he has owned since 2010.

Atzert said he will smoke meats and Autumn Atzert will do other cooking.

“We’ll give it a shot,” he said. “It’s better working for ourselves than for somebody else.”

Ryan Atzert recently spent 10 days in Texas to learn more about smoking meat.

The visits gave him the confidence to move forward with Federal Hill Smokehouse.

“I knew a lot more than I thought I did,” he said.

The smokehouse’s name is borrowed from a historical nickname for the hill at West 26th and Peach streets. According to “Scraps of Erie County History,” by John W. Ray, the area was referred to as “Federal Hill” because it was home to so many Federalists — members of an American political party in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Although Atzert said the restaurant will not have a historical theme, the building itself embodies local history: property records show it was built in 1895. Atzert said he’d like to see more new businesses follow the smokehouse at the busy intersection.

“I hope that it’s a catalyst for other things to come down that strip of Peach Street because it’s a lot of empty buildings,” he said.

MADELEINE O’NEILL  – Follow her on Twitter at


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Federal Hill Smokehouse Website – Website

Federal Hill Smokehouse On Facebook – Face Book

Sakura Japanese Cleveland

Sakura Japanese Cleveland

2533 E 55th St, Cleveland, OH 44104

“Lucky Find”

I’ve been driving past this place for well over a year and never even knew it existed. One day while running short on time I did a quick search on what was close by for lunch. This little place popped up with a lot of good reviews. Knowing the area a little bit I was somewhat skeptical. Don’t let your first impression scare you away. The little plaza doesn’t appear to be the cleanest and the pan handlers are often out in full force. (I’ve had them follow me right in on more than one occasion.) Trust me the food is worth it.

So Sakura is take out only and the menu is pretty simple and easy to understand. I started off by getting the shrimp and chicken combo with fried rice and vegetables. $11 seemed like a fair price for fresh hibachi style food so I was excited to see how it would be. It was mind blowing!! Easily 2+ pounds of food enough fried rice for 3 people and several cups of homemade Yum Yum sauce. The food tasted great and there was leftovers for a second round later that night. I have stopped back at least a half dozen times over the past few months and every time I have been satisfied. I have now switched to just ordering the chicken or shrimp individual meal knowing there is going to be a ton of food in the tray no matter what. The price is amazing the chicken meal is $6 and the shrimp is only $1 more tax and everything included. That’s right only $7 out the door for a fresh cooked shrimp meal! For the speed, quality, and volume this one of the best places I have ever stopped. They do have a few other locations listed and I will go check them out to see if they are the same way. I will do an update to my blog post if I do try one of the other spots so keep checking back. If you find yourself up in Cleveland looking for an adventure stop into Sakura you won’t be disappointed.

$ean’s Tip – If you want chicken and shrimp order them individually. For only $2 more you will get a whole extra tray of fried rice and vegetables. Most meals will feed 2 people so be prepared for leftovers if you go alone. Also if you call an order in, it only takes them 5 min. so don’t call it in to soon.

Show them this picture and receive the discount.

That Was Exciting - sakura-japanese-cleveland-6

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The New That Was Exciting Online Store

 “One More Way To Help With Your Adventure”

If you haven’t visited the site recently?  I have been making a lot of improvements, so let me tell you about one of the biggest additions.

The Store!

 Whenever I’m watching a video or reading a review, I’m all ways interested in knowing how, when and what exactly they are using to accomplish each step of the adventure. From the hiking gear to the camera gear what equipment is being used? Sharing these kinds of details is one of the main reasons why  That Was Exciting was even started. So to take everything one step farther, I have created the That Was Exciting store. In this area there will be all kinds of gear, guides and other helpful products.  I will be listing the items I personally use along with gear that you have seen recommended by others that have been highlighted on the site.  This will now make it possible to see the gear and then link directly to the items in the store.

So what are the details on this store exactly?

First off the store will make things quick and easy for you. If you see a product in a post that you might want to buy then BOOM!! Click the link. Now you are right in the store where you can get all the details and make your purchase. No more hunting around trying to find out exactly what was being used or where you can get one.

Another benefit of this shopping area is how easy and familiar the shopping experience will be. Have you shopped on Amazon ever? If for some reason you just said no then this will be an easy way to finally explore the Amazon shopping  jungle.

 I have teamed up with Amazon to provide most of the items that you would be looking for after seeing one of my stories. So what does this mean for you??

  • Some of the best pricing in the world. Amazon has been know for great deals and specials on almost everything.

  • Amazon is one of the most trusted shopping sites on the planet.

  • You get all the safety and protection that you have been use to while dealing with Amazon.

  • Great shipping and service guarantees.

  • You can use all your normal rewards and Amazon services.

So now to be completely open and honest with you guys since we are a team. There will be no added costs or fee’s when using the That Was Exciting store. I truly set it up as a convenience for all of us. To be even more up front with you, That Was Exciting will be getting a small referral fee from working with Amazon. This referral fee is only around 4%. I really do appreciate your support and even tho it doesn’t add up to very much, every little bit does help grow the site. The more we can grow the more it benefits us all.

Another cool thing about the new store is the ability to develop some of my own products. Like the upcoming Adventure Guides and Adventure Gear product lines that are coming out in the near future. These items may also be available on Amazon and other locations but will always have the very best prices and extra added bonuses right here from the store.

So to wrap this up.

I will not be littering the site with advertising. I’m not trying to promote or push any of these products or brands. None of the things that I post, talk about or promote pay or benefit me in any way currently. I’m just trying to make it as easy as possible for you to be successful when trying to accomplish your next adventure.

The items that are listed in my store are the things I have spent a lot of time researching and even personally use. Some of the models may have changed or have been up graded from the ones you see me using. I will try to make notes of these kinds of changes when ever possible to help you out. If you ever have a question on how or what I’m doing or using just get a hold of me –

Networking and finding out the best solutions together is part of the adventure. If there is any gear that you think should be added make sure to send me some information about it.

So I hope this post helps explain the new store a little bit. I’m really looking forward to the possibilities it has to offer. I ultimately hope it helps you out, by saving you time and money. 

Shop Now!


– Sean

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Squire’s Castle – A TripAdvisor Review

Squire’s Castle

River Road, Willoughby Hills, OH

“Great Park For A Picnic”


I have stopped by Squire’s Castle twice in the past month. It’s a nice park with lots of picnic areas. The main grass area in front of the castle is huge so bring your blanket and yard games. The castle it’s self is cool to see but smaller than you would imagine a castle being. It’s a shame it’s not in its original condition. Reading a little about its history reviles what it looked like originally, it must have been beautiful. There are some nice walking trails behind the castle so plan on going on a hike. We had planned on mountain biking these trails but when we got there found out bikes where not allowed. My second visit 2 weeks later was to just show my daughter how cool the park was we were running early for a soccer game and took a few minutes to check it out. It’s a quick drive off of the high way and easy to get to.

$ean’s Tip – Bring some charcoal and cooking gear or pack a lunch. The picnic areas are nice with grills available to use. If you have kids with you pick up some play swords, they will have a blast running around like knights.


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The Gin Mill – A TripAdvisor Review

The Gin Mill

20 W Washington St, Ellicottville, NY 14731

“A Good Bar For Breakfast”


Stopped into the Gin Mill for breakfast before hitting the nearby mountain biking trails. Planning on eating light so I only ordered a single Belgium waffle it was cooked perfectly. It came with a big cup of butter and some syrup. Adventure team mate Adam got the basic breakfast eggs, toast ect. Sticking with our resent breakfast tradition of trying fresh corned beef hash everywhere we stop, a dish of it of course came out with our meals. The hash was excellent and so was my waffle. The atmosphere is cool and is a different kind of a place for breakfast. Our waitress Nikki was friendly and made me a cool origami rhino out of some of my change. (see pic.) Over all it was a great start to our day. See how the rest of our adventure went at That Was Exciting.

$ean’s Tip – Try out the hash and ask Nikki how her heard of rhino’s are doing:) You may just end up with a new pet.

That Was Exciting

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Albright-Knox Art Gallery -A TripAdvisor Review

Albright-Knox Art Gallery

1285 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222-1096

“Beautiful inside and out”


I purposely planed our trip to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery for the first Friday of May. Currently at this time every first Friday of the month is FREE! The place isn’t just full of amazing art, the building its self is a work of art. Exploring around outside we found cool Continue reading

Pymatuning and The Linesville Spillway – A TripAdvisor Review

Linesville Spillway

Linesville-Hartstown Rd, Linesville, PA


“A carpet of carp!”

Kids – There’s nothing to do! I’m Bored!

Parent’s – Well how about an adventure feeding huge fish and learning about wild life.

Problem solved.

If you have never been to the Linesville spillway, hopefully this review gives you some tips for a day of fun and even some learning might go on. (shhhh….don’t tell the kids, learning can’t be fun) Obviously the highlight is feeding the carp and it is pretty cool. But there are also a few other things to check out close by. Ford Island the first access road on your right when heading north from the spillway has a nature center and path ways to walk around on. This is also a great place to eat lunch, it gets you away from the crowds and seagulls that are near the spillway. The third place to stop is the Pymatuning Wildlife Learning Center and Fish Commission park it will be the second drive way on your right after leaving Ford Island. There are a few picnic tables here as well if you’re looking for a place to take a break. Inside you’ll find a cool fish tank with the native fish from around Pennsylvania. Make sure to follow the stairs down to the lower part of the tank so you can see the big catfish that are on the bottom. This lower level is also where they are raising all the baby fish and it’s interesting to see. Just make sure to pack a picnic and bring some stale bread for a fun day of exploring.

$ean’s Tip – The carp go crazy when you feed them stale bread bring lots! If you go to your closest Schweble’s Bakery Outlet you can buy farm bread also known as “bird bred” for 25 cents a pack. That’s 10 packs of bread for $2.50! I recommend at least 5 packs per person, trust me it sounds like a lot but you will go through it. Call Schwebel’s a few days ahead of time and see if they have farm bread available sometimes they sell out or don’t have any. Check Out That Was Exciting For More Adventure Tips And Tricks.


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Link To The Schweble’s Outlets

Buffalo’s Military Park – A TripAdvisor Review

The Buffalo

Naval and Military Park

1 Naval Park Cove, Buffalo, NY 14202


“Holy Ship!”

For those of you that have been following along our trip has now lead us to the Naval and Military Park. If you haven’t been following along don’t worry I get you up to speed. We are out exploring Buffalo for the day on a budget, we have only brought along our spare change. We have been finding lots of cool places that are budget and family friendly. I found out that It was free to walk around the Naval and Military Park so our budget will remain unchanged by this stop. As you can see from my pictures you can still get right up close while just walking through. There is all kinds of different gear and it’s really cool. The large ships are really impressive but wait! There’s more. You can also get up close and personal with some tanks a helicopter and even a jet. You could purchase a ticket that will allow you on board and inside some of this equipment if you have the time and interest. It’s amazing when you get up close how big and how many moving parts these ships have. There are also some interesting memorials honoring our brave men and women. Over all it’s a neat place and worth stopping by.  

$ean’s Tip – Go down and check it out even if you don’t go onto the ships it’s a great experience. Keep your eyes open for veterans hanging out and thank them for their service. A simple thank you could lead to some interesting tales of sailing the high seas.


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The Cleveland Hostel – A TripAdvisor Review


The Cleveland Hostel

2090 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113

Hooray for the Hostel!



This is now my second time staying at The Cleveland Hostel. I highly recommend it to anyone going to Cleveland. For most Americans the thought of staying in a hostel is new and mysterious. The real mystery is why more of us haven’t tried it. The Cleveland Hostel is set up a lot like a hotel, so don’t be intimidated about giving it a try. There are also private rooms available, this let’s you get your feet wet before diving in to a room full of strangers. So don’t use staying with people you don’t know as a excuse. I like and recommend staying in the 4 person rooms. This gives you a good mix of privacy and adventure. Also take some time to look around and explore each floor. With it’s very large kitchen and nice dining area on floor #2 take advantage of cooking at least one of your meals during your stay. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to interact with other travelers. With the West Side Market just a block away whipping up a gourmet meal or snack is super easy. On my fist stay we cooked up all kinds of things, from meat stuffed peppers to cheese sampling trays. This is a great way to make new friends at 3 AM. Besides the lounge area the roof top deck is another great spot to relax with a awesome view of the city. Check out my, pictures and videos of the Hostel at That Was Exciting. Staying at the hostel will defiantly make your night in Cleveland more adventures and memorable. Give it a try at least once.

$ean’s Tip – If you are a light sleeper bring along some kind of eye covers and ear plugs/head phones. Sharing a room with others that are on different schedules is part of the experience. So be understanding, respectful, and prepared.

That Was Exciting
-Make Ever Day An Adventure

Check out my Cleveland Hostel Page for even more. The Cleveland Hostel

 Book a bunk just go to

Cleveland’s West Side Market – A TripAdvisor Review

West Side Market

West 25th and Lorain, Ohio City, Cleveland, OH

“A West Side Story About A Market”


So this West Side story is slightly different than the one you may be familiar with. It’s filled with gangs of vendors and a love story about smoked meats and cheeses. Walking through the West Side market is a lot of fun especially if you love food. With lots of vendors serving everything from meat to Continue reading

Grumpy’s Cafe – A TripAdvisor Review

Grumpy’s Cafe

2621 West 14th Street, Cleveland, OH

“Happy we went to Grumpy’s”

Grumpy’s Cafe was only a short bike ride away from the hostel, so we headed out for some breakfast. We walked in a few minutes after 8 AM on a Sunday. Easy to get a seat since the doors just opened. Nice local place with a diner type of a feel. Breakfast was good and came out fast. I had the strawberry cream cheese stuffed French toast. Adam gave the breakfast sampler a try which included a ton of their special corned beef hash. Both breakfast choices where good and filling. The corned beef hash was some of the best either one of us had ever tried. So if you find yourself tired and “grumpy” of chain style breakfast food, give this happy cafe a try:)

$ean’s Tip – Definitely try the Corned Beef Hash. The place doesn’t seem real big so get there early, by the time we were heading out it was getting pretty crowded.

Flash back – Little did we know at the time but this would start us off on a corned beef hash hunt. For the next few weeks when ever we had a chance to get break fast we would our a side of hash to share and compare. It was a lot of fun looking back at this now. I would recommend finding fun little things like this to do. Another recommendation is to go back through your blogs, journals or picture albums regularly to add notes. It is fun to bring up the good memories but it is also neat to reflect on situations after time has made it’s impact on it. 10/23/16

That Was Exciting
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Punch Bowl Social – A TripAdvisor Review

Punch Bowl Social

1086 W 11th Street, Cleveland, OH 44113

“We Got Game”

What a cool place. After grabbing dinner we were just wondering around town, we found ourselves walking past the Punch Bowl Social. At first we where just going to walk on by not really knowing what it was. WHAT? Walking by places without checking them out? That’s not what the That Was Exciting Adventure Team does. So now we find ourselves in an adult Play-land. Bowling alleys, ping-pong tables, foosball tables, arcade games, and tons more! The place is enormous two stories of fun. With several bars a restaurant area even a glass case full of desserts this place almost has it all. Definitely worth stopping.

Sean’s Tip – A great spot to start before heading out on the town for the night. With a fun environment it’s easy to make some new friends over a round of shuffleboard or whatever your gaming mood might be.

That Was Exciting

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Alley Cat Oyster Bar – A TripAdvisor Review

Alley Cat Oyster Bar

1056 Old River Rd, East Bank, Cleveland, OH 44113

“The Cat’s Meow”

Our search to find somewhere unique for dinner lead us to that Alley Cat Oyster Bar. The building and surrounding area is brand-new. The restaurants manager sat down with us for a few minutes and told us all about the development. At the time of our visit the restaurant had been open less than a year (Opened August 2015) and had just finished adding on a second-floor kitchen two days ago so they can expand the menu for the upper deck. The food was good with some interesting items on the menu. I had the clam chowder to get started and tried a few of Adam’s muscles with bacon appetizer. For the main course we both had the nights special – halibut collar. The restaurant has a very trendy modern feel. If you enjoy seafood and are looking for a classy place stroll down to the Alley Cat Oyster Bar. - Alley Cat Oyster Bar (2)


$ean’s Tip – if it’s the weekend you are going to want to make a reservation ahead of time. Make sure to get there early especially if the weather is nice so you can enjoy the large deck/boardwalk and cool scenery.

That Was Exciting
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The Strip District Of Pittsburgh – A TripAdvisor Review

Go hungry so you can try a little of everything.

The Strip District runs between 11th and 33rd Streets and includes three main thoroughfares — Smallman St., Penn Ave., and Liberty Ave — as well as various side streets.

It’s so tempting to try a little bit of everything. With tons of restaurants, coffee shops and street vendors the variety is over whelming. Today’s food tour started off at Wholey’s with crab cakes, a 1lb whaler sandwich, onion rings and lobster bisque. We then moved on to some sweet treats set up out side of the Macaroni Company witch included frosting sandwiches and several kinds of cannolis. Making our way in and out of interesting shops along the way.
Smelling the mouth watering aroma of a side walk vendor caught my attention. Who would say no to pineapple teriyaki chicken kabobs? The word “no” isn’t in my vocabulary:)That Was Exciting - Pittsburgh Strip District
Finishing out the trip with some lobster rolls from where I first started was a great ending to this adventure!

$ean’s tip – If it is a super busy day the PPG parking lot off of 21st Street down by the river was only $6 to park for all day. With a short walk your right in the middle of all the action. Also if your a seafood lover or looking for a exciting experience Wholey’s is a cool shop to visit.

That Was Exciting
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Andy Warhol Museum – A TripAdvisor Review

Interesting Instead Of Exciting

117 Sandusky Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212


So over all the museum is very nice. The facility is modern. If you are a Warhol fan you will enjoy all of the history, information and art pieces.
Not really being a Warhol fan, I was just going for the experience. Everyone has a different view on art and my goal is to post helpful positive reviews.
With that being said……the traveling exhibit on the one floor was literally trash. Not what we where expecting.

That Was Exciting - Andy Warhol Museum


Even if you don’t care for this style of art, make it a goal to find one piece you do like or like more than the rest.

Keep in mind you can stay as long or as short as you want. And if you have kids with you point out some pieces that can give them some confidence with their art skills not all of his art work was complicated you will see what I mean;)


$ean’s Tip – if your not a Warhol fan go to a different art museum if your looking forward to seeing more variety, variation and typically expected art pieces.
– If you do venture down to the Warhol museum look for the ALCO parking garage. It was a convenient place to park only $4 for 2hr. just keep a eye out for the entrance hard to spot and a little tight to get into.


That Was Exciting
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Wholey’s – A TripAdvisor Review

“Wholey Mackerel!”

1711 Penn Ave, #2

Pittsburgh, PA

I Love going to Wholey’s. If you love seafood, don’t miss out. On this visit we had the crab cakes, lobster bisque, of course a whaler sandwich (1lb. of fish) and some onion rings (all that for less than$30). Everything is fresh and tastes great. The prices are very reasonable and the selection of meat and seafood is huge. Just a very cool place to look around worth stopping in for the experience. Stooped back in later before leaving the Strip to get some lobster rolls to go. They where only $13 for 2!That Was Exciting- Wholey's
One of my favorite places in Pittsburgh.


$ean’s tip – there is usually someone giving samples of the lobster bisque over in the meat section so if you want to give it a taste. There is also a small cooler behind the sushi station that is full of lobster rolls. You can grab a pack of lobster rolls and pay at the end of the hot food line that is near by. This will let you get in and out super fast even if it is busy and you don’t have time to wait.


That Was Exciting
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That Was Exciting - Wholey's