About Me


Adventure is all around us…

Everyday can be an adventure or hold many little adventures hidden within our busy schedules. Recently, I’ve begun pushing the limits of my comfort zone. I’ve discovered that there are endless possibilities and opportunities for new experiences all around me. I’ve also found that my mindset was my biggest roadblock when it came to trying new things.  Telling yourself “you can” is the first step to opening yourself up to trying new things. So, I’m encouraging you to stop holding yourself back from having a life filled with exciting new experiences. So lets go! Come join me for some new everyday adventures. Along the way, remember to slow down and start enjoying not only the experience, but also the journey leading to it. With a new passion for excitement and adventure, I’m starting this blog. I want to motivate, encourage, and help you and me find more adventures, so let’s team-up and Make Everyday An Adventure.

 Alright, so you want to know even more about me? I see, I will do a super quick overview, and then you can get back to all the really exciting things I have on my site.

I grew up in a small town located in northwestern Pennsylvania, right on the New York state line. You may have heard of it, since it is nationally ranked with having the worst high school mascot “The Mighty Grape-Pickers”. I really did enjoy growing up in the town of NorthEast, Pennsylvania. It’s pretty, quiet, and laid back. As a kid, I enjoyed being outdoors.  I also liked animals, sports, and teasing my one and only little brother, Ryan. School wasn’t really my thing, My to best skills were talking my way out of going to summer school and catching up on my sleep during class.

Right out of high school, I went to work for my dad’s landscape construction business. Working for his business was a great experience. His clients were and still are some of the most successful people in our area. I was able to get advice from and become good friends with many of them. My background with my dad’s business and his clients motivated me to start a business of my own someday. I played around with network marketing for a few years. I gained some new business knowledge and unique perspectives along the way. At the age of twenty three, I wanted to make something happen. With no Real Estate experience, I decided becoming a landlord was my next step. Why Not? After all, I was always winning at Monopoly! Check out my Maloney Rentals And Real-Estate Section for more about this business adventure.  I invested in several rental properties in the city of Erie, but I still wanted to expand my business horizons.

Craving even more business chaos in my life, I mean adventure, I started another company. The creation of Innovative Services USA is quite a story, and has its own section you can check out if you’re interested. Innovative Services USA is a wholesale distribution company of snack food items. This business led me to the realization that I needed to expand into retail and online so that I could assist my customers in the areas where stores were lacking.  

With that thought in my mind, the new snack retail business “Monster Snacks” was cooked up and the next project was on its way. OK, I know what you are thinking; wow 3 businesses, this next part must be where you’re rolling around in piles of money on a private island… Not quite. Being self employed is great and I love it, but the reality is, for a lot of us small business owners, we have to put in many hours and end up making under minimum wage when you add it all up at the end of a year. Now don’t get discouraged, this is a motivational website. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Sometimes the tracks lead us in new directions that have even more opportunities, but you will need to be willing to stay on board for the ride; which is what brings my journey to the “That Was Exciting” project.