The Vault Lounge Cleveland Ohio – A TripAdvisor Review

The Vault Lounge

The 9 – Level B1, 2017 E. 9th Street
Cleveland, OH 44115

“Luxury On Lock Down”



Vault one of the coolest bar/lounge I’ve seen. We are meet by the host and asked if we would like a tour. A tour of a bar??? Stay with me here, this isn’t your average watering hole.

The Cleveland Trust Company Building now “The 9” was built in 1907. In the basement the bank had four vaults: The main vault, safe deposit box vault, and storage vaults for fur clothing and household silver. The main vault is 16-by-20. Its walls are structural steel plate encased in 20 inches of concrete.  There is a great short video on YouTube that goes over more of this interesting history. Checkout the link I have posted.

Each vault has now been refurbished into luxurious lounge spaces. The decor transforms you back in time. From the furniture selection to the lighting and fan fixtures the attention to detail is outstanding! The bar area is outfitted with everything that is needed to mix up the finest cocktails in the city. As you can see from one of my photos the glowing herb garden supplying fresh garnishes. This is just one of the many detailed steps taken when your drink is being created . The drinks turned out delicious and unique on many levels.

Interesting history, luxury atmosphere, and exotic drinks defiantly worth checking out.


$ean’s Tip – Pay close attention while the mixologists are creating your cocktails. Every part of your creation is thoughtfully planed out.

Caution the drink prices may shock you. Just remember you’re paying for the whole experience not just a drink. Relax and enjoy yourself.



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