Lucky’s Cafe Cleveland Ohio – A TripAdvisor Review

Lucky’s Cafe

777 Starkweather Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44113

“EGGcellent Breakfast Place “



 Had a great breakfast experience. It is a beautiful late summer morning that has started off a little bit brisk but comfortable when sitting out in the sun. The smell of fresh roasted coffee is in the air while we wait to grab a table out by the garden. Our waitress is so excited to explain how fresh and local their ingredients are. Some recently picked from the raise garden beds that we were seated next to even. From seeing several other reviews recommending the biscuits and gravy,  I decided that would be my choice this morning. Adventure Teammate Adam grabbed a fresh cup of coffee,  The Shipwreck  and a side of pecan bacon for us to share. There was freshly made hot sauce and jam placed upon the table as we waited for our plates to arrive. Both meals came out looking great and tasting even better. The gravy and biscuits where some of the best I have ever had. The gravy reminded me more of a cream sauce, you’d have to try it to understand what I mean. The pecan bacon had a perfect melody of flavors and wasn’t overly sweet. Adam’s Shipwreck platter was a mix of hash browns, eggs, seasonal veggies, bacon, and cheddar cheese. If you’re looking for more of a gourmet breakfast with a great local atmosphere this is the place. 

 $ean’s Tip – Make sure to check out the pastry case inside just looking at it might be satisfying enough. Also check out their menu and what times they serve the dishes you are interested in. It appears that there is a early morning menu that is limited before 9am.

 Their Mission : “To provide the people of our community with food, pastry, and breads which are made by hand with care and attention to quality, using only the freshest ingredients. We support and promote our Ohio farmers and producers by showcasing the bounty of their harvest in our products. We offer our customers an alternative to the mass produced by committing our passion for the craft to creating good, wholesome food. We will remain creative with and inspired by the cultural diversity and layers of tradition our community offers us.”


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