Federal Hill Smokehouse – A TripAdvisor Review

Federal Hill Smokehouse

2609 Peach Street (US-19), Erie, PA 16508

“Smoke ’em if you got ’em”


I kept hearing good things about the new BBQ place in town and how it keeps selling out.

                     So you know what that means – “Food Adventure Time”

You can tell your going to get some good authentic BBQ right when you walk through the door. From the wooden tables with bottles of homemade sauce to the old brick wall that is part of the decor this place welcomes all of your senses – sight, smell and in a minute taste will be having its turn. So I ordered up the brisket sandwich.

While I was waiting I asked if the rumors are true?

Me – “Y’all selling out of BBQ every day”?   

The response……… was a list of everything that had already sold out so far today.

Rumor confirmed:)

The brisket was chopped and piled high onto my sandwich right there in front of me. I also grabbed a fresh side of potato salad which turned out to be excellent. The sandwich ended up being large enough to feed 2. The brisket was tender and some of the best I have ever had. If you’re in the mood for some BBQ Federal Hill Smokehouse won’t disappoint.

$ean’s Tip – Try to eat there if you have the time. The home made sauces are great and trust me, you will need more than just the to-go cup worth. Also the sandwich really needs to be attacked at a table. This Big Brisket Bad Boy will defeat you if you attempt it on the run. (it’s not your average one handed fast food sandwich)


Extra Information

It’s really great to see small family owned business doing well right here in Erie. I’ve added a clip from the Erie Times to explain some more about the Federal Hill Smokehouse’s location and owner. 


Madeleine O’Neill from the Erie times writes –

After more than 10 years in the tattoo business, the owner of a local tattoo parlor is branching out: he’s opening a barbecue restaurant.

Ryan Atzert, a co-owner of Ink Assassins Tattoos & Piercings, plans to open a Texas barbecue restaurant called Federal Hill Smokehouse just two doors down, at 2609 Peach St.

Atzert and his wife, Autumn Atzert, both 35, registered the name Federal Hill Smokehouse on June 8, according to a legal advertisement published July 17.

The restaurant could open as soon as October, Atzert said. He has not yet filed any building permits for the property, but said it won’t take many changes to transform the building, which he has owned since 2010.

Atzert said he will smoke meats and Autumn Atzert will do other cooking.

“We’ll give it a shot,” he said. “It’s better working for ourselves than for somebody else.”

Ryan Atzert recently spent 10 days in Texas to learn more about smoking meat.

The visits gave him the confidence to move forward with Federal Hill Smokehouse.

“I knew a lot more than I thought I did,” he said.

The smokehouse’s name is borrowed from a historical nickname for the hill at West 26th and Peach streets. According to “Scraps of Erie County History,” by John W. Ray, the area was referred to as “Federal Hill” because it was home to so many Federalists — members of an American political party in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Although Atzert said the restaurant will not have a historical theme, the building itself embodies local history: property records show it was built in 1895. Atzert said he’d like to see more new businesses follow the smokehouse at the busy intersection.

“I hope that it’s a catalyst for other things to come down that strip of Peach Street because it’s a lot of empty buildings,” he said.

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