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We all could use hearing that some more Right?


Are you tired of all the awesome adventures?


 Getting sick of new and exciting things?

Of Course Your Not!!


   Your current daily routine probably doesn’t help you find new adventures regularly. And improving fun and excitement is most likely not on your to do list. (that was just a guess I’m not psychic)  A routine is something that we all get into, in one form or another. We get comfortable with where we go, what we do, who we do it with, what we eat, the activities we participate in and the list goes on. I know some of  you out there are saying no $ean, I love everything going on with my daily routine…. well ok keep at it. But what if we just take a minute and really think about how much fun we are having or better yet how much fun we could be having. Trust me I have some really fun days but even the best days can still be improved. It’s probably fair to say tho that some days are getting a little bit boring now and then. (If you’re willing to be honest with yourself)

That Was Exciting to the rescue!

   This is a Blog and site dedicated to finding adventure. Little adventures, big adventures and everything in between.  Every post won’t only be fun to read. It will also include tips, tricks and fun facts that will be useful for you. One main focus of mine and kind of a overall theme of the site is to provide details of how the adventures are being done. This way you too can give them a try. You know the old saying “if i can do it so can you”. I’ll be working to make it easy to follow along. Just repeat some of the steps and poof you’ll have a exciting adventure fresh and hot out the oven.

   First step towards this new and exciting life style is understanding everything can be an adventure!!!  Everybody is going to have a different starting point so don’t worry. It just might be as easy as ordering something besides chicken at the restaurant the next time you’re out.

   Step two keep a open eye and mind at all times.  Adventures can be anywhere at any time. If you start looking for them they will appear just like magic. You will start to get better at noticing fun opportunities the more you look out for them. And yes it is possible to get so good at this, you’ll be creating fun out of thin air…..Abracadabra!

   And now step three when trying new adventures. You have to realize them happening and remember them. Here is how to do just that, the next time you have something adventures happen yell out……. That Was Exciting!!! this will trigger your brain and make it realize something fun and new just was accomplished. Now for the remembering part, snap a photo or write a quick note and then share it with us on Facebook so others can also become motivated to give something new a try. Keeping a journal or scrap book of these moments can be a lot of fun and an adventure of its own.

So what this site is not.

  • If you couldn’t tell by now it is not written by a professional writer.

  • It is not sponsored or run by a large company looking to sell you anything (at least not yet :))

  • It’s not going to be all about the awesome stuff we all wish we could be doing, but about real things we all can be doing.

What this site is.

  • A great place to stop and check out positive stories that can help give you the needed push and the how to instructions to get you started on your next adventure.

  • A place you can relate with, written by someone more relatable than a x-games athlete, billionaire jet-setter or travel industry expert.

  • A place for support and help so you can explore, experience, and excel at life.



Web site building and blogging is new to me, bare with the construction going on. I could also use your help so others can enjoy everyday adventures as well so tell a friend, share a post and keep checking back.

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